Pandemic Pivot

With the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, we as most of you, were left wondering where to take our business.  Life changed in a day, our kids were all of a sudden supposed to be taught by us (!!), we had a newborn, and were now working and shipping from home.  Balancing everything that 2020 brought us was a true act indeed.  An act that took just about everything out of me.  The business naturally was the first thing to get pushed aside.  I just didn't have the time or brain power to stay on top of every aspect of it, especially anything having to do with being creative.   

I was so tired, I'm convinced my cells were tired.  

 What was stressing me out most was trying to stay relevant and creative when navigating production was an absolute nightmare, and I just wanted nothing to do with social media.  While some brands pivoted into sewing face masks, I knew that just wasn't for us.  What was my pivot going to be?

 I thought long and hard, going back to my initial concept of what I had wanted Coveted Things to be.  Originally Coveted Things was to be a sort of marketplace, or collection of all the things that we ‘coveted’.  While we have built that with our own brand, I felt that now was the perfect time to expand and bring in other small brands to our site, all while helping fellow small businesses. 

Today is the day! 

I am so excited to introduce you to our new Coveted Things Marketplace, a carefully curated section on our site with all the things we love! 

Getting the marketplace together has been such a fun project for me.  It has really sparked my otherwise diminished creative fire.  I have been able to get back into that creative zone, and have not only completely re done our site, but I have been working on so many new designs that we are getting into production soon.

 The marketplace has a section for everyone from babies, siblings, moms, moms to be, ladies, new parents, guys, and any other special people in your life!

 We even have a new section on our site where you can purchase pre made gift boxes.  The current theme is Mother's Day, but please check back often, as we plan on having many more inclusive boxes coming up. 

If you don't like our pre made gift boxes, don't worry, just shop any of the categories on our site to make your own!  We will make sure it is packaged up nicely. 

My hope is to really turn Coveted Things into a fun place to pick out gifts for any occasion. We will still have our branded line of swaddles, crib sheets, blankets, and clothing, and will definitely be a predominately baby/ new parent site, but will also be expanding to be more inclusive to a wider range of customers.    

What 2020 took away from me, the marketplace has brought back. 

 We are so excited about all the things we’ve got going on, and coming up. 

 Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of creativity, and sticking with us even when times were tough (and our instagram was super boring).

 We have all collectively been through a lot this past year, it feels so good to see the sun shining again!