Lindsey: NY Playlist

To round out our 'Swaddles in the Cities' series, we met up with our favorite NY DJ, Lindsey.  We asked her to curate a playlist with one question, 'What does NY sound like to you?'
Click below to hear her sounds of the city, and read our interview about what makes NY so magical.
Name: Lindsey
Occupation: DJ
Children: Henry 5, Amel 2 weeks.
Tell us about your playlist, what does NY sound like to you? 
NY is such a mish mash of people and influences it's hard to nail down what it sounds like specifically, I mean I guess that's the fun of living here it's ever changing. It sounds different depending on where you are and what era you grew up in or pay attention to now so I wanted my playlist to reflect some of the cultures and classic songs that represent NY except from more of a DJs perspective than your typical songs about NY. Of course NY is the home of hip hop so there's tons of that but dance music and West Indian, African and Latin music are also celebrated here in such a unique way due to the huge communities of each that live here. And then there are the accents, the accents are glorious. I tried to highlight that aspect as well. I hope you enjoy!
What brought you to NY, and how long have you been there? 
I visited NY when I was really small. I remember driving past time square and Madonna was doing some sort of promotion and I was amazed that something like that was happening right in the middle of the city. From that trip on I knew I wanted to live in NY. I've been here for 17 years.
What is your favorite NY story/memory? 
There isn't one specific thing that's happened but NYers will all probably agree with me that there's always a moment when something absolutely magical happens that couldn't really happen anywhere else. Everyone involved usually has the realization at the same time and looks at each other and have that this is why we live here moment. It's really amazing and you get just enough of these to keep you dealing with all the difficult aspects of life in this city.

NY Favorites:
Restaurant: I still love going to Diner it's been here for years and feels so familiar yet they have daily specials that never disappoint. 
Drink: I don't really drink because I work in night life. I will occasionally get a tequila gimlet and just let the ice melt and sip on that throughout the night.
Park:  I love Ft Greene park I used to live half a block away and I guess it's nostalgic.
Way to spend an afternoon:  A chill meal somewhere with friends or just wandering the city while listening to music (don't get to do either very much anymore)
Why do you love NY? 
It's the kind of place where you can really do almost anything you want if you work hard enough and get lucky enough. It's all here for the taking in one concentrated spot. It's also a safe haven for those of us who felt like square pegs in our home town. I've never felt as accepted anywhere I've lived in the US as I do here.