Coveted Things x Cedars-Sinai

Cedars-Sinai is a wonderful hospital here in Los Angeles.  It is a special place not only to our community, but also to my family.  I gave birth to both of our daughters at this hospital, and it is where I became a mother, making it a very sacred place that I hold dear to my heart.   

The birthing process is such a beautiful, raw, vulnerable time for anyone, which is why it is so important to be in the the best hands.  We were treated by the most compassionate and  gracious team of nurses during our births.  I have always felt a special bond with Cedars-Sinai, which is why I am proud and honored to announce our newest collaboration with them.

They have been working on re-branding their labor and delivery department, and asked me to come on board for creative direction.  We worked closely with their ideas and new image to create a custom organic swaddle, and re-design their 'I had my first meal at Cedars-Sinai' onesie.  

The swaddles will be handed out to all families who complete their 'Baby Basics' class.  You can find more information, and sign up for the class here

The onesies are given to every baby born at the hospital. 

As always, thank you for letting us be a part of such a magical time in your lives.  If you deliver at Cedars-Sinai, please show off those babies by tagging us @covetedthings and #CedarsBabies on social media.  We cannot wait to see all of your fresh little baby bunnies!

Meridith Layne
Photos by Born