While Coveted Things is and will always be about our 'Swaddle Scarves' and 'Happy Cloud Blankets', we want to bring you special limited edition projects from time to time.  Fun things that we dream up for you and your little ones.

Current Special Projects:

We are honored to have launched a custom organic swaddle and onesie in collaboration with Cedars-Sinai hospital.  We will not be selling it on our site, but for more information, please check out our blog post here.

We partnered with Bumkins/Nixi to create a co-branded capsule collection of contemporary bibs and bags. Using watercolors and a calm palate of blue and grey hues, our prints incorporate some of our signature text and shapes along with classic Nixi silhouettes you know and love.  Not only is every product in the collection designed with a modern aesthetic, they are eco friendly as well.  Nixi's signature machine washable, waterproof fabric is comprised of recycled water bottles, lightening our footprint, and aligning with your family's environmentally conscious lifestyle.  

We hope that you love these special projects as much as we loved creating them!